Account Tracking

Defly enables you to track your account and portfolio in real time, all within one app. Keep track of your swaps and transaction history while monitoring your portfolio performance and NFTs, without the need for multiple applications.

Monitor Account History

You can view a history of the swaps made on Defly by navigating to the “Txs” section within the “Wallet” tab:

Details of each swap can be accessed by clicking them to reveal the Swap Details screen:

Use the AlgoExplorer link at the bottom of the Swap Details screen if further details are needed.

You can export your swaps history by selecting the export button in the upper left corner to create a CSV file:

If you want to view the your order history or a detailed history of your total account transactions, navigate to “Orders” or “Transactions” within the “Txs” section respectively:

Portfolio Tracking

You can visualize the asset distribution of your account by navigating to the “‘Wallet” tab and selecting the pie chart next to your ALGO balance:

You can also check on the current profit and loss (PnL) of your assets from the “Wallet” tab. This view gives a quick, high-level view into how you’re performing:

You can receive a more detailed view into the performance of an asset by clicking through it. From this view, you can track the following:

  • Buy Volume: The total amount in ALGO that you spent to buy this asset

  • Sell Volume: The total amount in ALGO that you received by selling this asset

  • Current Market Value: Depending on your preferences, the current market value denotes either:

    • The theoretical value, e.g., the price of one token in ALGO times the number of tokens that you own

    • The amount of ALGO that you receive if you sell your entire position of this asset – accounting for fees and the price impact

  • Profit/Loss: The current market value plus sell volume minus buy volume

  • Interactive Buy/Sell Delta: The percent profit or loss your investment has accrued since purchase/sale date.

To view the buy/sell delta of your investment, select the green and red dots on the price chart and observe the change in the PnL percentage below the price of the asset:


You can view your NFT collection within the “Gallery” section:

You can view NFTs on AlgoExplorer or NFT Explorer by using the respective buttons at the bottom of the screen:

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