How do I get started?
Defly is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download Defly and give it a try!

Do I need to store my private keys on Defly to use it?

No. You only need to store your private key if you want to trade with that account. If you import an account without private keys, you can use our app in read-only mode to see your historical swaps, stats, keep track of your portfolio, etc.

How does Defly store my private keys?

Defly uses your smartphone’s underlying secure storage mechanism to store the private keys. On Apple iOS this is Keychain (the private key is not synchronized on iCloud), and on Android this is EncryptedSharedPreferences (auto backup in the cloud is deactivated).

Do my private keys ever leave my smartphone?

Never. Defly uses your private keys only to sign swaps and transactions locally on your smartphone. The private keys are never sent to Defly servers or anywhere else, nor are they backed up. If you lose your device and don't have them written down somewhere else, they are gone forever.

Is it possible to use the same account in different apps?

Yes. You can create, for example, a new account in MyAlgo or Pera, and import it to Defly without deleting the account from MyAlgo or Pera, or vice versa. Both apps can be used simultaneously without conflict.

Can I adjust the slippage?

The slippage can be set in the preferences. Go to the wallet screen and click on the gearbox icon on the top right to get started.

How can I redeem my excess amounts after swaps?

Defly does this automatically after every swap. Defly does not have a manual redeem feature.

How can I report a bug?

Please use our discord channel or drop us an email at [email protected] Thank you!