Reading the Market

Defly provides you with the tools to navigate the market seamlessly and quickly with a complete view into the market and its assets, in-depth sorting and filtering features, comprehensive charting, and price alerts.

To make this as seamless as possible, Defly aggregates all the liquidity pools across the ecosystem into one total view called virtual pools or vPools.

You can view all vPools at once or filter by the default views of newest, hottest, or wrapped/stable vPools on the vPools tab:

In addition to the above, vPools can be filtered by your preferences within the “Starred” section. This section keeps track of the vPools you’re actively monitoring.

You can star vPools in two different ways:

  1. Click the star icon next to the pairing name

  2. Click into pairing and then press the star icon

You can sort the market by pool attribute or time interval by using the filter buttons at the top left:

You can sort by the following pool attributes in descending order:

  • Liquidity Pool Depth (LP): Liquidity level

  • Total Volume (Vol): Total ALGO volume

  • Swaps: Amount of swaps

  • Percent Change (%): Change in price between pairs

  • Price: Total price of pairs

  • Market Cap (MC): Total market cap

  • Age: Length of time vPool has existed (ascending order)

  • Holders: Total number of unique holders

The attributes above are sorted by the time interval filter, as well. Time intervals can be sorted by intraday periods (1 day or 1, 4, or 12 hours) or extraday (1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or all historical data).

Note: If you change your sorting preferences on one tab (e.g., “New”) it won’t carry over to another tab (e.g., “Hot”). You’ll need to re-sort to your preferred preference.

vPools can be found through the search feature in the upper right corner (magnifying glass icon). You can sort by protocol name, token name, and ASA ID:

Analyzing vPools

To analyze a vPool in more depth, click into it from the vPools tab:

You can use this to view to analyze:

  • Price action and charts

  • vPool and asset details and metrics

  • Asset distribution

  • Other pools with selected asset

You can swap between line charts and candlesticks directly from this view by selecting the icons highlighted below:

When in candlestick charting, you can add moving averages by selecting the highlighted icon:

And you can change the timeframe by selecting “1D":

By default, Defly keeps track of the 24H and 1W changes in price, swaps, and total volume; while vPool details report on the ASA ID as well as the total liquidity, volume, swaps, and age of a pairing.

The ASA details keeps track of the total supply, market cap, transactions, swaps, holders, and FDMC of an asset. And the distribution chart shows how an asset is distributed among all accounts – excluding the creator and reserve accounts.

You can use the chain icon under the ASA details for an in-depth overview of an asset on AlgoExplorer:

Additional pools with your selected pairing and ASA are shown at the bottom of the vPool overview, and you can select them to review their details:

Last, but not least, you can choose to swap from this screen selecting “Buy” or ‘“Sell” to be taken directly to the Swap tab:

Price Alert Management

Price alert push notifications can be set and managed directly in Defly.

To set price alerts, select a vPool about which to be notified and select the bell icon in the upper right. Set your target price and press “‘Set price alert" when you’re ready:

Price alerts can also be set directly from the Swaps tab – allowing users to set price alerts during the swap process. If you don’t like the current exchange rate offered between your pairing, you can set an alert to notify you of your target price without having to navigate back to the vPool’s overview section:

Price alerts can be managed in the “Price Alert” management section in the “More” tab:

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