Wallet Actions

Defly is a fully functional wallet that allows you to send, receive, add, and remove assets as well as add, remove, and edit accounts. Managing your accounts is effortless with Defly.

Send & Receive Assets

You have two options to send your assets to another account.

First: you can use the “Send” button and select the asset and the amount you’d like to send. Select “Send” when you’re finished.

The second option is to swipe right on the asset you want to send and select “Send.” Input the amount you’d like to send on the proceeding screen and the address to which to send it.

To receive assets, select “More” and then "Receive." Provide the QR code or your account address to the sender:

Add & Remove Assets

To add assets, select "More" and then “+Asset” at the bottom of the Wallet UI. You can search for assets by their name (full and unit) and ASA ID:

To remove an asset, swipe right on the asset you would like to delete from your account and select “Remove":

Add, Remove & Edit Accounts

To add another account, select the wallet icon in the upper right corner and select the plus sign:

To remove an account, press the wallet icon in the upper right and swipe right on the account you’d like to remove. When you’re ready, select “Edit” and then "Delete Account" to remove this account from Defly:

Note: You will not be able to recover this account without your 25-word mnemonic phrase, so make sure you have it written down somewhere safe. You can view your mnemonic phrase by selecting “Export” within the account menu in the above screenshot.

You can edit the name of your account by selecting “Edit", "Account Name", and inputting the new name. When you’re ready, select “Save” or “Cancel” (if you don’t wish to rename your account):


All major Algorand dApps work with Defly via the WalletConnect standard, creating a seamless experience for those who want to use Defly as their wallet across the ecosystem.

To use Defly this way, select “Connect wallet” on the dApp's website and choose “Defly” from the list or select the generic “WalletConnect” option:

Select the “QR Code” tab. From here you can choose to scan the QR code or select “Copy to clipboard” to copy the WalletConnect code. If you have the dApp open on a different device (eg. laptop) using the QR code is easiest. If the dApp is open on the same mobile device, copying & pasting is required.

Open up the Defly App, navigate to the “More” tab, select “WalletConnect”, and select the “+” sign in the upper right.

Select "QR Code" or "Paste" depending on your course of action and select “Connect”. Once connected the dApp will automatically create push notification for transaction signing events in Defly:

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