Setting Preferences

The app ships ready to go with reasonable default settings. Still, it can be personalized and configured to your likings.

To review the options you have to tailor your Defly experience to your needs, navigate to the “Preferences” section within the “More” tab and select between “General”, “Security”, “Swapping & Protocols”, and “Advanced” settings:


The interface of the app can be modified within the “General” settings:

You can personalize how prices are shown within your account from within the “Currencies” section. Choose to present ALGO amounts in FIAT or ALGO – the choice is yours.

There are five default currencies from which to choose for any FIAT values shown across your account (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, SGD):

You can manage and organize your wallet view by enabling small balances or sell-now impact within the “Interface” section:

If small balances are enabled, assets will be listed in your account balance even if their total is close to 0. If you prefer to hide these assets, uncheck the box next to the setting to clean up your view.

You can choose to view price changes as a percentage or factor:

And you can modify the font size as needed:


Define when the app is secured by a screen lock / user authentication by enabling “Advanced screen lock” within the “Security” settings:

Swapping & Protocols

You can customize your swaps, slippage, price impact, and DEXs within the “Swapping & Protocols” settings:

Use the “Atomic Combo Swaps” section to choose between semi atomic and full atomic swaps, or disable atomic swaps completely:

Modify the maximum slippage tolerance by leveraging the the “Slippage tolerance” section:

Slippage defines the maximum allowed unfavorable price change during a swap, and it can be set at the default settings of 0.1%, 0.5%, 1%, 5%, 10%, or even a custom amount.

You can adjust your price impact tolerance between 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%, and a custom amount:

Select between candle charts and an aggregated view for your recent market view within that corresponding section:

Choose between DEXs within the “Swapping protocols” section based on your preference:


The “Advanced” settings include datetime format, WalletConnect, and analytics tracking.

You can disable unverified assets and pools by selecting “Show verified assets & pools only”:

You can set the format of the date within Defly to “Relative” (e.g, 4 days ago) or “Absolute” (e.g., 4th May 2022 10:23), based on your preference:

Defly collects anonymized analytics and error logs to optimize your trading experience. If you prefer not to share performance data with Defly, you can select “Disable analytics:”

The “Keep WalletConnect session alive” setting defines how long Defly will keep a “WalletConnect” session active:

You can disable the jailbreak/dev warning message as needed, and you can perform transactions with assets or pools which have metadata mismatch:

Enable “Developer Mode” with the corresponding setting:

And reset your settings with the “Reset factory preferences” button:

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