Fee Structure

Defly app is freely distributed, no credit cards required. We charge micro fees on swaps to keep the lights on. Fees are very low in Defly. Better yet, fees are often negative compared to a single-DEX swap because of our combo swap feature.

$DEFLY is our utility token. It is the backbone for developing the app, expanding the TVL, fees, and rewards. Within the app itself, $DEFLY is used to pay fees, unlock features, and achieve savings across the app. Please see our fee schedule below to illustrate this further:

  • Base Level:

    • prerequisite: none

    • combo gain: 20%

    • Fees: 0.1% of input amount + 0.025 ALGO, network fees

    • Deflex limit order fees: 0.2% of output, network fees

  • Pro Level:

    • prerequisite: a minimum of 2,500 $DEFLY in account

    • combo gain: 50%

    • Fees: 3 DEFLY, network fees

    • Deflex limit order fees: 0.16% of output, network fees

  • X Level :

    • prerequisite: a minimum of 25,000 $DEFLY in account

    • combo gain: 80%

    • Fees: network fees only

    • Deflex limit order fees: 0.09% of output, network fees

The $DEFLY part in (supported) pooling, staking, and farming positions counts towards fee levels.

Combo Gain

Combo gain is a win-win over single DEX swaps. Part of the resulting gain goes to the trader, part to the Defly project for providing this service. The higher the tier level the more of this gain goes to the trader's account.

On a technical level the gain is inherent in the optimized DEX transactions. This means 100% of the combo gain first goes to the trader's account. The Defly part of the combo gain is then subtracted as a separate transaction along with any micro trading fees (which may be zero).

Depending on the tier level the combo gain split and the micro trading fees vary. For example the X Level tier has a 80% combo gain and no micro fees (other than the raw Algorand transaction fees). This means that the user retains 80% of the generated combo gain and the remaining 20% are paid to the project (in DEFLY or in ALGO).

Limit Orders

Limit order fees are separate and do not compound with other fees. When a limit order is posted the Deflex protocol incentivizes a best-effort to fill it as soon as possible at the requested market rate. Any back-filler may fill it and back-fillers may outcompete each other for the micro fees. This means limit orders are typically highly optimized similar to combo swaps.

Fee Fallback

Fees are paid in DEFLY in Pro and X Level with a fallback to ALGO in case of low DEFLY funds.

Leveling Up

Defly unlocks advanced levels when holding more than the specified amount. Popular staking, farming, and liquidity mining positions are included and count towards the threshold.

Atomic Swaps

Defly fees are only charged when the full (combo) swap is successfully executed.

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