vPool: Virtual pools (vPools) aggregate all the DEXs across the Algorand ecosystem and increase the liquidity depth across trading pairs.

Auto Routing: A trading feature that automatically selects the best price possible on swaps by comparing exchange rates across DEXs.

Combo Swap: A trading feature that aggregates Defly’s integrated DEXs together to produce an optimized swap across them. Combo swaps are suggested when they’re the best option for the trader and help to mitigate overall price impact by aggregating all available liquidity together to increase the depth of an asset pairing.

Combo Gain: Combo swaps produce “negative fees” – or combo gains – since any of the fees paid on a swap will be negated by how much more ALGO you gain on your combo swaps.

Interactive Buy/Sell Delta: The percent profit or loss your investment has accrued since purchase/sale date. Defly places markers in the charts for buy/sell events. The UI shows the percentage gain/loss when tapping and holding over the marker.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX): A crypto exchange that enables trades directly between users’ with limited (if any) involvement from a third party.

Algorand Standard Asset (ASA): The standard used to create fungible tokens on the Algorand blockchain, similar to ERC-20 on Ethereum. All ASAs are native to the core protocol and do not rely on custom contract code. They must be opted into before the can be received.

Moving Averages: A technical analysis tool that creates a constantly updated average price of an asset over a specific period of time.

Price Impact: The influence a trade has on the overall market price of an asset pair. After every swap, DEXs calculate a new exchange rate between assets. Price impact is less pronounced in pools with high liquidity.

PnL: Profit or loss of an investment since purchase/sale date.

Market Capitalization (Market Cap): The value of a project defined by ​​multiplying the price of a token with the total amount of tokens in circulation.

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