Add an Account

After downloading Defly and accepting our policy, you must add an Algorand account to get started. You have multiple options: create a new account, import an existing account, create a ledger account, or add a contact/watch account.

Create a New Account

To start this process, select “New account”, name your account, and select "Create account":

Alternatively, you can customize your account name's prefix by selecting the pencil icon and inputting the prefix you want. This will cycle through potential account names until your desired prefix is created.

Regardless of which option you move forward with, it is recommended that you create a backup for your account by tapping the "Backup not created" reminder. This will display the mnemonic phrase you can use to recover your account.

Import an Existing Account

To start this process, select “Import”, input your secret keys, and select "Import Account".

Create a Ledger Account

To start this process, select “Ledger account” and connect your Ledger device by granting Defly permission to use Bluetooth and selecting your device.

After connecting your device, choose the Ledger account you want to connect to Defly and select "Use Account" after inputting a name.

You're now ready to enjoy all the benefits of your Defly Wallet with an added level of security!

Create a Multsig Account

A multisig account is a cryptocurrency wallet that requires multiple signatures in order to execute each transaction. This adds an extra level of security to your account by requiring multiple signers to approve transactions.

You can create a multsig account by selecting "Multisig accounts" and "New Multisig."

To add signer accounts select "Add Account" and choose accounts within your Defly Wallet or input external addresses:

Define the number of signatures required to approve a transaction within the "Signature threshold." When you're ready to finalize your multsig account, select "Create Multsig account".

Import a Multsig Account

You can import an existing multsig account by selecting "Import Multsig" and inputting the shared base64 configuration:

Watch Account

If you prefer to observe the funds and swaps of an account with the added benefits of the Defly interface, select “Watch account.”

The account added will be read-only and can’t perform any transactions or swaps, but you can observe the account’s swaps, assets, and funds.

To do this, add the public address of the account you’d like to watch and input its name:

You can locate your public account address on Pera by selecting the account you want to watch, clicking the three dots in the upper right corner on the proceeding screen, and selecting "Copy Address":

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