The $DEFLY token (ASA-ID: 470842789) was created on Dec 17, 2021 with a fixed total supply of 1 billion tokens. $DEFLY tokens have utility in Defly app.

Token Presale


(locked 3 months, then tapered at 20% per month)

Liquidity Pools


(put in DEFLY/ALGO LP on 19 Jan)

Development Fund


(locked for 12 months then tapered a min of 6 months)

Marketing Fund


(PR, community, advisors)

Expansion Fund


(for growing use cases of Defly)

We launched this project with a token presale in January 2022. For this we allocated 300M DEFLY and sold out in 2h. These tokens will be unlocked over a period of 5 months starting on April 4, 2022. As promised, we will unlock the first 20% on April 4 and over the course of each following month we will release another 20%. After April 4, we will release tokens on a daily basis for a slow and steady distribution. The exact schedule is 20.09% of the presale tokens on April 4, then 0.655% for every day thereafter until August 4, 2022 (122 days).

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