All notable changes to the Defly app will be documented in here.

[1.4] - 2023-05

Improved navigation flow, ARC-35 multi import/export, multisig, avatar color


  • Improved account creation

  • Account vanity generator

  • Multisig support

  • ARC-35 multi account backup/recovery

  • Account theme color

  • Improved bottom navigation

  • Preserving state of opened dApp

  • Custom links in dApp browser

  • Custom dApps (Expert mode)

  • Allow close Asset (Opt out) on send (Expert mode)

  • Re-added asset performance percentage in account assets view (can be enabled in the general preferences)


  • Minor bugfixes

  • Adds limit order app to account app list

  • Fixes AlgoExplorer inner tx links

[1.3] - 2023-02

Ledger, Rekeying, NFT avatar


  • Ledger Nano X support

  • Ledger Nano S/S+ support (Android only)

  • Rekey support

  • Accounts view (Hide accounts from side bar, order accounts)

  • Set NFTs as account avatar

  • Transaction details view (in-app)

  • WalletConnect sessions with multiple accounts

  • Shows Algo and Fiat values in wallet view

  • Biometrics support for Android 13

  • Support for Opulous staking pool (account view)

  • Boxes support

  • Glitter dApp

  • Add NFT video support for ARC 19

  • Pact farming pools


  • Limit orders view on price chart

  • Improves swap loading performance and increases limit

  • Market data refresh issues

  • Minor fixes

[1.2] - 2022-12

Limit orders, NFT Gallery, Tinyman v2, dApp browser


  • Limit orders (powered by Deflex, fully on-chain)

  • On-ramp with Transak and Banxa

  • Collectibles Gallery

  • Repetitive price alerts

  • Account apps view (Wallet View -> Algo -> Minimum Balance (dApps))

  • Close-To Payment transaction

  • Tinyman v2 support

  • Folks Finance v2 support in account view

  • Cometa support in account view

  • Locked BANK token support in account view

  • Improves account refreshing performance

  • Long pressing an account in the side drawer copies the account address

  • Added paste icon in scan view (allows to directly paste WalletConnect links)

  • Adds Swaps/Orders/Txs view to asset details

  • Adds in-app dApp browser

  • What's new info popup on first start with new version

  • Switch fiat/algo setting with a tap on the price (pool details view)

  • Shows limit orders in line chart and buy/sell volume

  • Clear state of account apps (expert mode)


  • Improved support info

  • Improved account loading performance

  • MacOS startup bug

  • Increases warning limit for wallet connect transaction fees to 0.02 ALGO to avoid default warning on larger DeFi transaction groups

  • Fixes limit order fee details UI (shows order filler part separately, base amounts rounding)

  • Selection of swap/limit order view is not remembered anymore (defaults to swap view)

  • Improves help texts in order details view

  • Improves loading of limit order app config to avoid UI delay (limit order view)

  • Refreshes NFT gallery when an NFT is sold/send to another account

  • Limit order fixed output max asset warning

  • Allows authAddr fields in WalletConnect

  • Minor adjustments and bugfixes

[1.1] - 2022-10

Algorand Governance, On-ramp, basic NFT support, biometric account lock, atomic swaps, lend/borrow account info, L1 charts, analytics


  • Adds individual biometric lock for accounts (private key access)

  • Adds improved screen lock mechanism with PIN code (please migrate)

  • Semi/full atomic swaps (can be enabled in the preferences)

  • Lend/borrow/stake support for Algofi V1&V2 and Folks Finance

  • Algo price displayed with 3 decimal places

  • Protocol urls link directly to dApps

  • Improves WalletConnect connect UI (direct scan / paste buttons)

  • Support for accounts with more than 1000 asset opt-ins

  • Optimized account loading performance for account view and quick view

  • Improves layout in more view (and subviews)

  • Rearranges and improves preference view

  • Adjusts protocol view and adds NFD to protocols list

  • Adjusts account input container, adds NFD

  • Added a link to the list of protocols when adding a new WalletConnect session

  • Prevents screenshots on iOS and Android in security sensitive areas by default (can be extended to general prevention)

  • Improves fee details descriptions

  • Adds thousands separators to all numbers

  • Opt-In possible for non-swappable/unknown assets (NFDs, NFTs)

  • Moves add asset to the top (Wallet view)

  • Add prices and charts from major L1s (more to come, visible when tapping on Algo price)

  • Adds analytics view (More)

  • Adds Dev Mode (Testnet)

  • Adds preference for larger font size (General preferences)

  • Added option to clear all WalletConnect sessions (WalletConnect view)

  • Moved WalletConnect/Account scan button into side drawer

  • Improves UI for account asset details

  • Adjusts fee fallback (ALGO is used in case charging fees in DEFLY would result in a level downgrade)


  • Fixes reset preferences

  • Makes transaction details view scrollable

  • Fixes asset name overflow for long asset names in transaction details view

  • Add 'Address:' prefix when sharing an account address

  • Fixes opening of pool details view by push notifications

  • Zero-amount assets are hidden by default

  • Account deletion message is fixed for watched accounts

  • Fixes wallet view, asset distribution is shown when fiat amount is selected

  • Fixes supply bar relative width

  • Fixes text pluralization in WalletConnect transaction review

  • Fixes issue with Pact API

  • Fixes bug with account name when preset in watched account view

  • Fixes push notifications for Android 13

  • Fixes display bug with swaps from Tinyman Version 1.0

  • DEFLY/ALGO LPT account balance fix (Correct DEFLY amount is shown in the total sum of DEFLY in the account, before the DEFLY amount in the LP counted twice)

  • Fixes NFD lookup (case-insensitive)

[1.0] - 2022-07

Humble, Market sentiment, security audited


  • Adds Humble support (native swap support, account LPs and farming info)

  • Show feedback in the ui regarding push/camera permission if missing

  • Improves in-app push notifications

  • Marks swaps performed in Defly or by known trading bots in the recent swap list (dot at the end of the line)

  • Show NFD if available in swap details view

  • Fulfilled price alerts are hidden after two weeks (keeps price alert list clean)

  • Swap amount is copyable by long press (Wallet -> Swap view)

  • Removed beta labels

  • Shows a the market sentiment with swap volume aggregation view in the Swap view (can be changed back to candle chart in the preferences)

  • Adds asset & pool metadata validation

  • Swap protocols can be manually excluded in the preferences

  • Adds circulating supply visual bar to asset details container

  • Adds SMA, EMA, WMA (9, 20, 50) for candle charts

  • Combo swaps are grouped in the Wallet -> Swap view

  • Added asset name to asset search list

  • Added price impact tolerance preference (default is set to 10%)

  • Swaps are also shown in the virtual pool details line chart

  • All assets are shown in the wallet

  • NFD assets are verified and shown with NFD logo in the wallet view

  • Added Rekey warning in wallet view (Tap to show auth address)

  • Added NFD on-chain validation

  • Account quick view (Opens an account without the need to add it as watched account)

  • Quick Scan in wallet view to connect to a WalletConnect dApp or open Account quick view

  • Adds fiat currency cache

  • Adds support button (links to, adjusted changelog button to link to docs changelog

  • Update Terms and Conditions with new fee structure


  • Fixes bottom padding for account import word suggestions

  • Show Algo Amount with full decimal places in swap details view

  • Increases data granularity of 1 month view

  • Zero amount can now be set for txs

  • Fixes asset search

  • Fixes permission handling on iOS

  • Fixes create account workflow

  • Shows fiat amounts in pool list items (when set)

  • Fixes application create for WalletConnect

  • Fixes slippage custom amount (validated to max 1 decimal place)

  • Minimal supported iOS version is iOS 14

  • Minimal supported Android version is Android 8 (26)

  • Disconnected WalletConnect sessions are removed from the sessions list

  • Fixes issue with webviews (opened in browser now)

[0.7] - 2022-06-23

Combo swaps, Wallet Connect, NFD, Negative fees, Screen lock


  • Adds combo swaps

  • Wallet connect

  • NFD support

  • The screen is blurred when the app is going in background

  • The screen can be locked depending on the action performed

  • Price impact warning when price impact is greater than 5 percent

  • Jailbreak detection (Warns a user if a jailbreak is detected, can be disabled)

  • Asset and Pool Signature Checks

  • Datetime format is adjustable (relative / absolute)

  • Improved preference screen

  • Added price alert button to swap view

  • Added price alert management view, swipe left to remove (More -> Price Alerts)

  • Show number of asset/app opt-ins in Wallet -> Balance view

  • Adds pie chart (asset distribution) to Wallet -> Balance view

  • Application Call Txs in the same tx group are grouped in Wallet -> Txs view

  • When tapping on the Algorand asset item in Wallet -> Balance view, the Algo price chart opens

  • Fiat amount is shown in the swap input fields and algo/asset send input field

  • Improved account import (shows error when a word is typed wrongly, better error messages, input fields can be switched from vertical to horizontal ordering)

  • Added a reset factory preference button (preference screen)

  • Added asset prices to swap csv export

  • Added Algo Price Chart for different intervals

  • Improved asset ordering in swap view (account assets are listed on top)

  • Adds autocomplete word suggestions for account import

  • Adjusted fee structure

  • Pools smaller then 1000 Algos can optionally be shown in the pool details view

  • When tapping on the current bottom navigation item the default view of the current section is set

  • Buy/Sell Buttons are moved into a fixed footer into the pool details view

  • Add a price impact color indicator to the swap preview (green <= 5%, orange > 5%)

  • Add a warning in the swap preview if the route is not the best available route or the price impact is higher than 5%

  • Improves UI information in the swap view


  • Removed default chart setting (is automatically set depending on the last chosen setting)

  • Improved preferences screen

  • Support of opting out from deleted assets

  • Swap slippage is customizable from 0% to 100%

  • Removed mail from price alerts (push only)

  • Fixed refresh issue when renaming an account

  • Fixed bug with candle charts

  • Changed Defly treasury to a new multisig account: MQCIQCJLLQRZJKAPFBAFABRZPAJWSVJCDNNZCL3BSI4BBC3DQHQLD4UEN4

  • Fixed error message for adding watched accounts

  • Individual pools interval matches the interval selected in the virtual pool line chart

[0.6] - 2022-04-28

Auto Swap, Pact, Push Notifications and many improvements and adjustments


  • Added Pact

  • Added Pact Pool to Defly Fee Level computation

  • Changes bottom navigation, moves swaps and txs into wallet view and added a more view with additional information, preferences, etc.

  • Shows amounts from Algofi staking/farming amounts in account > Balance view

  • Shows amounts from Algofi Vault

  • Adds Import Private Key Slidable action to watched accounts in the sidedrawer

  • Adds push notification for price alerts

  • Introducing concept of virtual pools (aggregate all available pools to one virtual pool)

  • Swap Auto Protocol Selection

  • Swap details screen (opened when tapped on a swap in the swap list)

  • Assets can be removed from an account (wallet > balance section)


  • Fixes pool names in transaction list view

  • Reduces TTL for asset icon cache (refreshed more often when logos are changed)

  • Switched to new wording for Algorand accounts (instead of wallet)

  • Improved pool search, e.g. it can be search for "DEFLY/STBL"

  • Improves redeem performance

  • Increases endpoint timeout

  • Better support for OS based font scaling

  • When the private key is added for an account which was already added as watched account, the watched account is overwritten

  • After a swap, the account balance is updated automatically in the swap view

  • Only shows Freeze/Clawback labels in red when activated ("No freeze" / "No clawback" was removed)

  • Fixes asset distribution touch functionality (moved info box to the top of the chart for better visibility)

  • Adjusted candle chart, improved data section and date/time readability

  • Localizing date/time

  • Fixes mini price lines coloring when cached

  • Fixes server info messages

  • Improves candle chart data interface in pool details

  • Fixes candle chart volume and candle chart scroll bug in swap view

  • Remove Swap/Details slidable actions in virtual pool list (For quick access use: tap to open details, long press to swap)

  • Remove Star slidable action (To star a virtual pool, tap the star in the pool list or open details and tap star in the header)

  • When switching assets in the swap page the amount is switched as well

  • Selection of individual assets instead of pools in swap view

  • When using a watched account, it is now possible to tap on the warning in the swap view to directly add the private key

  • In the balance asset list, a custom, cleaner name for pool tokens is shown

  • Progress indicator when opting in/out of an asset

  • Custom pool names in wallet balance view

  • Auto convert starred pools to starred vPools

  • Improved account loading performance

  • Added asset distribution info overlay

  • Improved pool search performance

  • Fixed all-time interval bug

[0.2.16] - 2022-03-17

Preparations for launch, minor fixes and adjustments


  • Mini-Disclaimer for swap confirmation view (to comply with legal regulations)

  • Percentage indicator on asset input (Swap view, Send view)

  • AlgoFi charts & swaps

  • 4h interval

  • Beta features (swap, wallet create/import) are disabled by default, but can be enabled in the settings

  • Onboarding

  • ASA-ASA-Pools are shown in the wallet with the current value equivalent in Algo


  • Fixed pool details chart analysis details

  • Beta label is removed from swaps

  • Beta labels are moved directly into new/import wallet for less intrusive user experience

  • Fixed an issue with new pools in pool details

  • Fixed empty text for starred pool view

  • Improved flow for adding the first wallet

  • Renames Algofi Pool Tiers to Low/High

  • Fix in wallet view with long asset names on small devices

  • Default value for protocols in pool view is now 'All'

  • Removed protocol selection for starred view (all starred pools should always be shown)

  • Fixes redeem bug

  • Fixes swap error messages

  • Fixed bug occuring with new indexer version

  • Increased timeouts

  • Slightly adjusted app logo and inverted app icon colors

  • Adjusted disclaimer

  • Added auto fallback for node and indexer

  • When the device is offline or the api/node/indexer is not available, an info message is shown

  • Pool selection config (interval, ordering) is saved for every view (starred, pools, new, hot, wrapped)

  • Bugfixes

[0.2] - 2022-02-27


  • Added link to pool details from wallet asset details view

  • Added merged wallet view (experimental, can be enabled in the preferences)

  • Makes ASA ID copyable to clipboard

  • Link to AlgoExplorer for Asset and Pool in Pool Details view

  • Warning is shown in swap view when private key is not set

  • New wallets can be created

  • Funds can be sent between wallets (if private key is set)

  • Mini candle chart in swap view

  • Implemented Transaction List

  • Increases the minimum total liquidity for a Asset/Algo Pair to be listed in the pairs view to 500 Algos

  • Optional profanity filter (can be enabled in the settings)

  • New Add Wallet flow (Create/Import/Watch)

  • A wallets name can be changed (Name)

  • connected/watched (read-only) wallets divided visually

  • Candle chart settings are remembered (interval, trend lines)

  • Pair list settings are remembered (interval, sorting)

  • Added info to candle chart data details

  • Pools can be sorted according to Asset 1 Holder Count

  • List of other pools with asset1 are shown in the pool details

  • List of pool are shown in the wallet asset details

  • In the wallet asset details, the Asset/Algo pool can be starred and a price alert can be set

  • In the transactions view, last selected view is stored

  • Manual asset opt in in wallet view

  • Added support for inner transactions

  • Added fiat support in pairs view, wallet view, pairs details and asset details (swap view will follow)

  • Added verified only filter (default true)

  • Shows asset verification symbol in wallet view

  • Added wallet mnemonic words export screen


  • Fixed freeze/clawback when only one of them is active

  • Show amount of token holders as '-' when asset has not been crawled yet

  • In the pool details view, if a pool has no swaps an info is shown (No data available)

  • Fixed wallet drawer when many wallets are added

  • Fiat-Amount in wallet view is always shown with 2 decimal places

  • Fixed price alert overlay for small devices

  • Refactorings

  • Slightly increases default candle width for better visibility

  • Fixed price line chart drag behavior and price visualization on reload

  • Sorted new pools according to Liquidity Size

  • No Freeze/No Clawback label fixed on small devices

  • Swap list view is refreshed correctly

  • Swap failed is now showing a confirmation timeout error, if that was the issue

  • Increased swap confirmation timeout

  • Improved pasting, added paste buttons to various input field

  • When deleting a wallet, the wallet selection is now updated if the wallet was the selected wallet

  • Improves user experience when no wallet was added yet

  • Fixes reconnection issues when the app started when the device was offline

  • Bugfix for swap placement line chart in the wallet asset details view

[0.1.54] - 2022-02-07


  • Added pool detail button to swap view (next to recent swaps)

  • Line chart delta view (swipe over line chart in pool details view)

  • Swap direction is saved

  • Initiate buy/sell swap from gain details view

  • Revamped wallet view

  • In the transactions (swap) view, you can tap a swap to open it in AlgoExplorer for verification

  • In the swap view, you can tap a market swap to open it in AlgoExplorer for verification

  • transactions (swap) view infinite scroll with all swaps

  • Export swaps as csv file (experimental)

  • Outdated version info is shown in the app when a new build is available

  • Pool search info (Search attribute can be unit, name, asa id)

  • Show Wallet Name/Address in swap preview

  • A warning is shown when your Algo Amount in a wallet is close to the minimum (1 Algo)

  • Shows algo price in wallet view

  • Improved pool details view (Buy/Sell-Buttons, AlgoExplorer-Asset-Link)

  • Adds offline warning when device is offline or server is unreachable

  • Set default slippage to 1% and default currency to USD

  • Real time updates in pool details view

  • Stores selected interval for candle chart

  • Adjusted gain view, added buy/sell buttons, added Interactive Buy/Sell Delta, adjusted terminology

  • Added pool detail button to swap view (next to recent swaps)


  • Fixed price impact

  • Potential gain considers fees

  • Wallet gains with/without impact (preferences)

  • Fixed swap preview unit name for pay (max)

  • Fixed swap amounts (recent market swaps and transaction swaps)

  • Price Alert Email Input error notification when email is invalid

  • When a swap fails, a more detailed error message is shown

  • Improves pool details usability, added buy/sell buttons, relocated time interval/ma buttons for candle chart

  • Max swappable amount is fixed if the input asset is ALGO

  • Fixed minimal algo value calculation

  • Improves price line loading performance

  • Performance improvements

  • Scroll issue on wallet page fixed

  • Removes swap button in pair details on top (replaced by buy/sell buttons)

  • Volume of Non-Algo-Pools is now shown as Asset2-Volume

  • In the pairs list, the star is easier to tap now

[0.1.39] - 2022-01-27


  • Swap Button in Pool details view (Top center)

  • Show percentage of LP Tokens regarding to full pool size in wallet view

  • Adds Algorand Transaction fee in fee calculation and detail view

  • Always show fee in total Algo equivalent amount for better transparency in preview

  • Show fees in fee details view corresponding asset amounts in fee details and total equivalent Algo Amount

  • Limited offline functionality

  • Show current defly level in wallet (if defly pool tokens are hold)

  • Zero-Assets (Assets with a token amount of 0) can be shown in the wallet (Adjustable in the preferences)

  • Android Navigation Bar Back Behavior: When going back, the app returns to the pair view. When in pair view, the app is closed

  • Users can switch between theoretical price (no price impact) and actual price (with price impact) in the wallet page


  • Transaction fees are added in swap preview and fee details view

  • Price Impact Fixes

  • Improved starting time

  • Fixed Problem with Swap Failed

  • Claw/Freeze indication fix

  • Improved private key insertion interface

  • Make percentage / factor consistent in all places

  • Price in price alert overlay is always calculated relative to current price

  • Improve mnemonic input

  • Max swappable amount is fixed if the input asset is ALGO

  • Improved server maintenance handling and server timeout handling

  • Keyboard is closed when swap preview returns

  • Fixed fee calculation bug

  • Order pool in search view according favorites, algo pools and liquidity

  • Swap pair selection saved

  • Minor fixes

[0.1.29] - 2022-01-21


  • Bugfixes

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