Defly Overview

Welcome to the best DeFi experience! Defly Algorand Wallet is a secure wallet, purpose-made for DeFi. It is great for simple wallet tasks and unleashes all its power when trading. Core features include multi-DEX swapping, limit orders and portfolio performance metrics. Through WalletConnect it can connect to any dApp.
Our goal is to make trading and DeFi as seamless and user-friendly as possible within the Algorand ecosystem, all from the comfort of your mobile device. Get started today 👉
Get the official Defly Wallet app exclusively on the App and Play Stores. Please do not use any direct-download APKs as they may be from an unknown origin.

Selected Features

  • Native DEX support: Tinyman, Algofi, Pact, Humble
  • Limit orders on all DEXs
  • Full Charts and Market Data
  • Full Hardware Ledger support
  • Full Multisig support, including from Ledger accounts
  • Swaps from and to Ledger and Multisig accounts
  • Cross-Chain bridging with Messina and Glitter dApps
  • Algorand Governance
  • NFT support
This guide is written in partnership with Algorand Governors Club
Last modified 8mo ago