Defly Overview

Defly Algorand Wallet is a secure wallet, purpose-made for DeFi. It is simple-to-use and equipped with great tools to read and trade the market. Core features include in-app, multi-DEX swapping and portfolio performance metrics. Through WalletConnect it can connect to any dApp.
Get the official Defly Wallet app exclusively on the App and Play Stores. Please do not use any direct-download APKs as they may be from an unknown origin.
Our goal is to make trading and DeFi as seamless and user-friendly as possible within the Algorand ecosystem, all from the comfort of your mobile device. And we’re just getting started. Over the next 12 months, we plan to add the following features and functionality to the premiere Algorand DeFi wallet experience:
  • Multi-DEX support:
    • Tinyman (already added)
    • Algofi (already added)
    • Pact (already added)
    • Humble (already added)
  • Liquidity Pool token mint/burn (Q1)
  • NFT support (already added)
  • All-DEX limit orders (Q4)
  • Algorand Governance (already added)
  • Hardware Ledger support (Q4)
  • Swaps with single Hardware Ledger signatures (Q4)
  • Cross-Chain Swaps (Q2)
This guide is written in partnership with Algorand Governors Club
Last modified 10d ago